Gold Bar

“A resource with a high scarcity value”
To date, the total amount of gold mined comes to approx. 186,200 tons.
This is only enough to fill an official Olympic-sized pool (50m long×25m wide×2m deep)
three and a half times. Economically minable reserves only come to 56,700 tons.
Currently, gold is produced at a pace of about 3,100 tons per year.
It is estimated that, unless new mines are discovered,
all the gold will be completely mined out in eighteen years.
In the near future, we will have no choice but to reuse the stock that already exists.
This is why gold is considered a resource with an extremely high scarcity value.

“A physical asset that does not depreciate”
Gold is more than just jewelry. It is used in a variety of ways,
including as an industrial material and a method of asset preservation,
as well as by the governments of major nations as a central bank reserve asset.
The value of gold is recognized throughout the world as it is produced,
consumed and stored in nearly every area of the world.
All countries are willing to exchange their currency for gold at any time.
So, while the price itself may fluctuate, gold will never lose its value.